Supplément vitaminé (Vitamine E & Sélénium)
Poudre Orale Aromatisée
Seau de 2Kg

** COMPOSITION : ** Vitamin E …………… 0g Selenium …………….. 15mg


EQUI-VIT E-Se® is a food supplement rich in vitamin E and Selenium: – it promotes the integrity and health of the muscles. – it facilitates the return to work of horses prone to muscular problems. – it prevents the risk of muscular complications after exercise (laminitis, cramps, stiffness, etc.). – it promotes the muscular comfort of the sport horse. – it reduces recovery time after exercise. EQUI-VIT E-Se® can be used throughout the life stages of the animal.


Normal effort: 20 g per day of EQUI-VIT E-Se®, for 2 to 3 weeks. Intensive effort, racehorses: 20 g of EQUI-VIT E-Se® 3 times a day for a course of 2 to 3 weeks, to be repeated two months later if necessary. To be administered pure or mixed with food after humidification. PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: This product contains selenium, the recommended doses should not be exceeded. EQUI-VIT E-Se® does not contain doping substances.


24 months. Keep away from light and humidity. Close well after use.

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